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About Eastside Luv

Gentefication en Boyle Heights

The 1st pocho bar of it's kind! Eastside Luv (aka ESL) was established in 2006 by el pata de perro Guillermo Rangel Uribe as a place we could all celebrate the uniqueness of being Mexican-American in East Los Angeles. Born in the USA at a hospital literally just one block away from the bar and raised on the east side by two proud Mexican immigrant parents, Ramon y Leticia, who both knew to work hard and parí harder led to an early start of a 15 year old producing backyard house parties all over East Los and then later underground parties in warehouses y bars tambien. This entrepreneurial spirit helped pay his way through a left-brain College of Engineering B.S. program that would then lead him into a successful career managing multimillion dollar construction projects over the next decade. Throughout that decade the desire to get back into the nightlife hospitality industry grew stronger and opening his own bar and being his own boss became his top goal. In 2005 Guillermo came back to Mariachi Plaza and walked into the 1940’s corner bar then known as the Metropolitan and he knew this was it. He quickly made an offer on the bar and turned in his resignation letter to embark on an exciting new venture back home where it all began… Boyle Heights! A bar where you can be as Mexican as you want and be as “American” as you want plus everything in between. Of course everybody has an opinion on how Mexican or how American one should be at any given time and it depends on many factors, but some are just more closely connected to one culture or the other and there is no one right way of doing it. As the saying goes, “You're never going to please everyone, and if you do, there's something wrong.”


Yet over the last decade we have developed a tight ESL community consisting of tens of thousands and always make every effort to assure our customers have an outstanding experience while celebrating with us. We do have some of the best beer, wine, sangria, micheladas, and 50 proof cocktails in L.A., but realize that there are plenty of places with great drinks and that gente come here for the unique experience and service we have to offer. Since the start we’ve been proud to bring you the best local artists, dancers, poets, comedians, dj’s and musicians… some of which have gone off to tour the world! So many beautiful people have made LUV connections here and have gone off to start their own familias. We have been featured in many of the top pop culture radio, television, movies, and newspapers too (check out our PRESS). We have developed popular ongoing theme nights such as: MorrisseyOke™, MariachiOke, JuangaOke™, and SelenaOke™ (see our CALENDARIO). Our Residenté DJ’s mash-up top music hits in both English and Spanish from multiple genres starting from the 1950’s to present. The décor is influenced by turn of the century bungalows and chicanismo (see our GALLERY). There was no holding back when it came to the details such as; The Chaindeliers inspired by the lowrider chain steering wheel, The Wino Bench upholstered in thick black corduroy inspired by cholo’s business casual wino house slippers, The Clear Plastic protection over the furniture inspired by our immigrant abuelitas.


There's really just too much to sum up here. We urge you to come experience Eastside Luv for yourself. Bring the whole familia. Celebrate your birthday with us and flashback to your house party days!


Mucho LUV & Respect


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